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Back Pain?

Stop living with back pain.

Get back to living the life you once loved

with the Perfect Fit™ Adjustable Massage Bed.

Relieve Back Pain Today

Neck pain?

Stop waking up with a stiff sore neck.

A simple adjustment with the Perfect Fit™

Adjustable Massage Bed could be all you need.

No More Neck Pain

Trouble Sleeping?

When your body’s uncomfortable in the night it can wake you up and ruin your sleep. The Perfect Fit™ Adjustable Massage Bed, the most comfortable bed in the world, can help you sleep all night.

Get a Better Nights Sleep


Our 1st night on the bed was magic, felt like Sleeping on a cloud.

– Curly

Sales person is respectful, rang to make inquiry about bed. He gave me all the info and there was no pressure.

– David C

Bambillo Sleep Solutions

Luxury Adjustable Beds

The Perfect Fit Massage Bed is a new and innovative sleep experience. The world’s most comfortable luxurious bed combined with a soothing, relaxing massage.

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Bambillo Pillows

Choose from the Perfect Fit Pillow or The Original Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow. With revolutionary interactive support systems. Instantly adapts to any shape, weight and movement and cradle the head for amazing comfort and support.

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Perfect Fit Mattress Covers

All Perfect Fit Massage Beds come with a custom designed mattress cover that is antibacterial, machine washable and fits perfectly to your bed to provide long lasting protection for your mattress.

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