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Bed Sizes & Mattress Dimensions in UK


You sleep for about a third of your life. Choosing the right bed matters, and selecting the correct size is key. Often people don’t give much thought to their bed for years, but what you need can change over time with your lifestyle and living situation. There may be a partner to consider, kids, or a dog. Your mattress should be replaced at least every 10 years, although foam and latex mattresses can last longer.  If you’re thinking about buying a new mattress or bed, take a few minutes to read the details below. For years of better sleep, it’s worth the effort.  

Perfect Fit by Bambillo Adjustable Massage bed dimensions

Here are the Metric (with approx. Imperial conversion) measurements which all our bed products are made to.

Our Bed Base & Mattress sizing

The base is a heavy-duty construction with attractive fabric-finished bed sides (creamy-beige in colour). The mattress is hypoallergenic & antibacterial. The Bed Base & Mattress are availabe in 5 models:

Metric (cm)
Imperial (ft/in)
90 X 190 cm
3' x 6'2" 
135 x 190 cm
4'5" x 6'2"
150 x 200 cm
4'11" x 6'6" 
Split King
Two Beds – Total width
150 x 200 cm
4'11" x 6'6" 
Split Super King
Two Beds – Total width
180 x 200 cm
5'10" x 6'6" 


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